The Footless Templar

Hic habitat felicitas

1 April 1950
Say the Secret Name and a dragon will fly down from the sky and give you your heart's desire.

LJ change of direction notice:

(August 2010) I have started a Wordpress blog site for book reviews and other public commentary. LJ will stay the same (and probably stay just as slow).

Effective 4/21/2005, public posts in this journal will be magickal record or something closely related. Food porn, and anything personal, political, or merely amusing will go under appropriate filters.

Do feel free to pimp magickally interesting journals; it is a lot of work finding them.

Author bio from Eternal Haunted Summer:

Freeman Presson is an active member of the Pagan community in central Alabama. He serves as Namen (chief priest) of Temple Zagduku. He has written reviews and articles for the Temple journal (The Owl and the Lion) and Cup of Wonder, both of which are now defunct. He lives in Birmingham with his soulmate Lilith, their son "Pagan Boy," and their furry friends. He makes a living out of his magical power over computers.

A little astro-info for those who care about such things:

Current Phase of the Moon

Equinox and Solstice Ephemeris at NOAA.

UNFAIR WARNING: To the hypersensitive or politically correct: I speak plain English. I don't necessarily preface my opinions with "I am only a lowly worm and do not wish to offend anyone, your mileage may vary, I can only speak from my own experience, but …" so you might want to just go ahead and ban me from commenting in your journal so I don't cause you undue grief.

Effective 4/21/2005, public posts in this journal will be magickal record or something closely related. Food porn, and anything personal, political, or merely amusing will go under appropriate filters:

Email or comment if you want your filter settings changed. You're on "personal-general" if you're a RL friend or if we have already talked about personal stuff anyway. You're on "local" if I know you live somewhere in Alabama or close to it. You're on foodporn if you asked to be there or had food stains on your interests list.

My userid is the Gaelic word for beast, derived from the Old Norse word for wolf. It is used only as an epithet. The specific word for wolf is faol.

I'm Cherokee, an enrolled member of a state-recognized bloodline tribe. You'll get this passim if you read my texts anyway. The rest of my ancestry is Scots, Irish, Welsh, and the odd bit of Sassenach, as far as I know.

I go back and edit freely. I don't think there's a problem with this with the kind of stuff I post. I'm more than a little bit picky-ticky about writing, so if I see a need for copy editing, or a chance to add worthwhile detail or tighten up the prose, I just do it. I'll mark an edit as such if I can think of any reason why it matters (such as that something has already been commented on, or like the example above).

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